Neron's Window

Neron's Window

Friday, November 5, 2010


Home! We have returned from Italy! Ah, a sweetness fills us with happiness and thankfulness for a safe trip and return, but there remains the bitter part of such a return, a loss of anticipation of the unknown and the delight of the knowing. Italy took our hearts and minds, but we understand that the knowledge that hearth, home, and family will always have the better part of this experience. Going away brings new insights and memories, but coming home reminds us of the roots that ground us to a place and a life, one that must now incorporate all we have learned and seen.

The idea of sharing what I learned prompted me to begin this blog, a way of expressing the life we saw in Italy, understanding how we might infuse it into our lives here, and praising the Creator for allowing us the gift of travel over parts of this lovely planet, and the delightful gift of home.

Next time, I will explain Neroni's Window and how this picture will always go with me.

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  1. Can't wait to see what's in store on your new blog! If you will follow mine, I will add you to my list on the side! Do a post about your trip and I will link your post and blog on a post on mine! Love, PAM P.S. Make sure you link each post on Facebook. Just go up on the menu bar when you are signed into your blog and hit the share button, choose Facebook and it will take you directly there. Sign in on FB and then post about your new blog post.